"Jesus Christ has the world's greatest imagination ever, and I seek to emulate Him always"

I'm Britta Kirk. I write about loads of things. Fiction, mostly. Poetry, every so often. Most often about love. My goal as a writer at the moment: to find new and chimerical ways to discover love.

I'm currently writing my first novel which should be coming to e-book stores on your net by the end of the year.

I sing, play ukulele, dabble in song writing, photography, and live an over all chimera filled life. Enjoy, and welcome to the arena. (if you thought this was a Hunger Games allusion, you were right. PEETA!)
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Brave Amber Beats: Chrysalis | A fable about Waiting by Britta Kirk


A man placed a ring as old as sand, saturated with every drop of love in his heart, into a pot of golden wax. He fashioned a candle from the wax, and gave it to his love. She came into the market place one fair day, kaleidoscopic ribbons strung through her braids. He glimpsed her in a moment, and…

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Cider Sky - Northern Lights (by jasperhellsing)

The perfect, summery writing song to compose to.

writing music northern lights cider sky
(via Search results for harp)
Working with this awesome grunge setting, and this awesome harp in a scene. I LOVE it when scenes come, and build themselves!

(via Search results for harp)

Working with this awesome grunge setting, and this awesome harp in a scene. I LOVE it when scenes come, and build themselves!

News: So I intern with a Literary Agency, and the Agent I assist has invited me to submit my novel to him once it’s finished!

Of course, this doesn’t mean much…YET! But, dang, really? Can’t tell you how SOUPED I am right now. And it’s my last day here…that’s sad, actually. Thank God for these serendipities!

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Evanescence - My Immortal (by EvanescenceVEVO)

Writing to this tonight. 5 years ago, the story came alive to me on a ride to Virginia, while Amy Lee crooned this in my ears.

writing evanescence writing music amy lee novel

45141 words thus far on my Exploratory Draft.

Feels great! I feel like I’m getting back into the grind again. I cannot wait to see the final product, but all that matters is I’ve finally moved beyond the fact that first drafts suck pretty hard. They’re wounding, but I thank God I can do all things through Him.

writing God success
"Tonight, I’m going to write greatly and love greatly and strangle this folly. I’m catching these damnable changes of purpose in the flesh, red-handed, and throwing them to the winds, just like that. I challenge whatever comes into me at times like this to look me in the eye, I challenge the possession of my being:—perhaps for variety’s sake. Oh yes, I know that I should never have been a writer, it’s not in my nature, but we will see this out to the end. 2000-words tonight."
Jack Kerouac- Windblown World
jack kerouac writing journals novel

A dream is being realized

I’ve always dreamt of a day where I could ready myself for a photoshoot for the cover of my novel. Well, it’s happening, ladies and gents.

The Jezabels - Easy To Love [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (by TheJezabelsVideos)

I’ve been getting in touch with my character’s first love, and developing the idea that it’s possible to love someone very deeply, be willing to jump in front of a bullet, and still know deep down that you’re only there for a season. It carries a bittersweet note to it. This person only carries what she needs for a time, and likewise she carries what he needs for a moment, but they’ll forever have this special kind of something that lingers between family, friend, and other.

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Uke|Affairs Cover: Evergreen Love by Misty Miller (by BrittaKirk)

Thought I’d break up the writing tales and post one of my vintage ukulele covers. I was thrilled to discover Misty Miller, and some other artists who really elevate the ukulele into an art form!

ukulele cover singing misty miller